Roof Repair by Advantage Plus Roofing

Roof Repair by Advantage Plus Roofing

Do you need to know the current status of your roof? Advantage Plus Roofing is the best roof repair company for you. Our company provides clients with tailored reports on their roofs’ condition and specific roofing needs. 

A typical roof type lasts for a duration of about 15 to 18 years. During that period, your roof is exposed to extreme weather conditions like high winds, hails, etc. which can harm your roof.

However, roof repair by Advantage Plus Roofing is the ideal way of ensuring your roof still serves its function even after being subjected to these harsh conditions. Moreover, when your roof becomes leaky, it doesn’t automatically mean you have to replace the whole roofing. You can simply opt for the repair of the damaged parts. 

Advantage Plus Roofing is the best choice for you if you are looking for the best roof repair company in Central Alabama. Our roof repair services are unequaled to none for providing you with the best quality. 


Signs Your Roof Needs a Repair Service

How do you know that your roof is ready for repair service? Here are some of the warning signs.

  • Granules in your gutters.
  • Green spot.
  • Light in the attic.
  • Visible shingle damage.
  • Sagging spots mean roof repair is imminent.
  • Chimney or flashing issues.
  • Ceiling and wall stains.
  • Skyrocketing energy costs.
  • The attic is full of critters.
  • In your home, you may find unusual wet spots.

Our Roofing Services

At our roof repair company in Central Alabama, we keep our roof repair prices within an affordable range. The average cost of roof repair depends on the extent of damage done to the roof, your house’s location, and the size and type of roof. Below are some of the roof types we deal with at Advantage Plus Roofing.

Slate: At Advantage Plus Roofing, our highly skilled technicians will repair broken tiles in this roofing type. We will ensure that every piece of equipment needed for successful roofing repair is available. We are a certified company and are always ready to cover the cost in case of any damage.

Asphalt: We’re also available to make repairs to lose nails and bends in your roof. Our job is to thoroughly examine the condition of your roof and tell you if it needs a total replacement or a simple repair.

Wooden Roof: If your house’s wooden roof has become rotten, we can repair and replace it. Also, in a situation whereby you have a build-up of moss on your roof, our job is to help find out the parts of your roof affected by the moss and make necessary repairs to such places.

Best Roof Repair Company in Central Alabama

Are you experiencing leakage in your roof? Advantage Plus Roofing is here for all your roof repairs. Whether a small leak or a major roof repair, our contractors are eager to offer a long-lasting solution.

Ready to get your roof repaired? Look at our work and call or contact us today to request a free estimate.